Do you have three dishes that you like or that help tell your story? Why don’t you share them with us?

Tell us about your three favorite dishes

A blog where people share their three favorite dishes.

Food fans, cooks and food professionals of every description from the four corners of the world, welcome. People’s food choices are as different as they are; sometimes, there are anecdotes or experiences behind dishes that we like or are memorable to us. Such as the first experience of fish and chips at Scardens in Deal, the lamb from a taverna on Agios Stefanos, Corfu or even roast potatoes made by your mum on Sundays.  There doesn’t have to be a life-changing event linked to your favourite meal (although there might be); what matters to us is that it’s important to you. We invite everyone that has three favourite dishes to tell us (and the rest of the world) about them. Send us an email with the details, include any web links or images, and we’ll post them here. If there is a recipe that you’d like to share or a restaurant or café you’d like to mention, please share that with us also, happy to include links as well.

We’re not looking for brilliant writing or original ideas. This blog aims to build a platform for people like me and you to share food thoughts, ideas, and experiences. If you have a food-related website or blog of any kind, tell us about that and include a link, as long as you tell us about your three favourite dishes we’ll publish it. Hummus, pasta, asparagus, lamb, polenta, ice cream and onion soup, there really is no limit. For more details, visit the about and disclaimer pages. Then please tell us what food you’re into right now.

Short of inspiration?

Here’s a few dishes that turned up in our recent survey, can you add anything to this list?

French toast, cannelloni, chicken madras, dim sum, pigs in blankets, ham and fennel salad, chicken olives, smashed avocado on toast, sausage mash with onion gravy, prawn cocktail, baozi, vegetarian samosa, red enchilada, apple pie, dumplings, lasagne, amriti with rabdi, choucroute garnie, crab-apple flower cake, spotted dick, guilinggao, biryani, fajitas, daal puri, sour lentil soup, French bean aloo, piperade, sweet and sour pork, quesadillas, hotdogs with fried onions, beans on toast, hummus with garlic, Peking duck, wonton, cheeseburgers, burrito, crab cakes, misi roti, lentil and ham soup, cacasse à cul nu, chicken wings, cod and chips, fermented cabbage, Singapore fried rice, bubble and squeak, sticky rice with pork, butter chicken, pickled eggs, cottage pie, tossed salad, pork bender, four cheese pizza, artichoke, chicken livers, mushroom matar, fritada, chimichangas, roast carp, bacon sandwiches, gnocchi, kulfi falooda, Christmas pudding, cassoulet, steak and kidney pie, skate wings, snow fungus soup, chicken milanesas, sour spare ribs, popiah, yanpi, moules à la crème, tofu, onion soup, stewed spring bamboo shoots

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